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A Company That Offers You More

Starting with a single client in 1989, Moore Cleaning LLC has since grown to a professional cleaning business that operates in Bucks and Montgomery Counties.  From contract work to a one-time basis, Moore Cleaning provides a complete range of services for a wide variety of business settings including corporate offices, restaurants, small businesses and financial institutions.  Owner Jane Moore, who takes pride in meticulous attention to details said, "We take care of supplies, equipment management, scheduling and reporting.  We'll handle the entire facility from the corners of the basement to the windows of the boardroom."

Each client partners with one senior-level contract for easy communication, fast answers and customized solutions.  Employees are carefully screened, trained and continually supervised by management.  Moore, a Doylestown resident for 35 years, prefers to hire within the local community.  "Our employees are professionals who care about the finished product.  We are not a crew cleaning company; each office or building is assigned an employee or two, depending on the size of the facility.  This employee is the same employee that will clean the facility each time." 

Moore Cleaning offers clients eco-friendly cleaning agents and state of the art vacuums that have four-level filtration systems for cleaner air.  They use Micro fiber clothes [exclusively], with split fibers which are 100 times thinner than a human hair, that trap and hold dirt within small cavities to provide a better finish on work-surfaces. 

Moore stresses that in every office there are 'forgotten' areas that demand attention such as disinfecting telephone headsets and removing hard water stains.  "I'm an upfront kind of person who tells you directly - a clean and fresh smelling workplace is more enjoyable, healthier and productive for your employees and presents a professional image to your clients."

A winner of the local "Bucks of Bucks" contest and the CBCC Business Expo Best of Show in 2003 and 2008, Moore Cleaning is a supporter of Habitat for Humanity and Business Cares.  With the expansion of the business, Moore Cleaning recently moved into a new office at 165 South Main Street in Doylestown. 


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Swine flu and the office

Everywhere you look there are articles warning about the swine flu.  The CDC has issued guidelines that will aid in preventing the spread of the swine flu, regular flu and colds. They ought to be implemented by every office in order to secure continuity of the workplace.  Absenteeism will influence productivity, so the following course of action will assist in keeping our workforce healthy.

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water (for at least 20 seconds)
  2. Avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes
  3. Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue or cough or sneeze into your sleeve.
  4. Use a hand sanitizer after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing
  5. Avoid close contact (within 6 feet) of co-workers or customers
  6. Avoid shaking hands and always wash your hands after physical contact.
  7. If wearing gloves, wash your hands after removing them
  8. Try not using each others phones, desks, computers or other work tools and equipment
  9. Get a vaccination!

The list above is just a common sense approach to the flu/cold season.  Some other suggestions that may be helpful:


  • When you are going to shake hands with many people in a social networking setting, remember to wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer prior to touching your face.
  • Wash your hands prior to eating. 
  • Keep disinfecting wipes on your desk or make them available in the office.  You can wipe down a common phone or keyboard prior to using it.
  • After washing your hands in the bathroom, use the paper towel to open the door or use your shoulder to push the door open.

  • The H1N1 virus can last up to two weeks on a hard surface. (Think of the door knobs, chairs, shopping carts, counters, ATM’s and other surfaces that we touch daily).

  • Keep a small hand sanitizer in your pocket or handbag.  Use it often.  It will aid in the prevention of flu and cold illnesses.

  • Keep hand sanitizers in the kitchen and reception areas.  Urge your staff to use them frequently.

By taking an active approach, we can have a productive and healthy fall and winter.    


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Dear Friends and Customers:

I’m writing to let you know some important steps we are taking in regard to the H1N1 (swine) flu to help you keep your employees and customers healthy – and to let them know that you care about their health. Here are some things we are doing:

    • Offering you the Moore-Clean Seal of Assurance (shown below) to display in your office to let customers know you keep your office healthy clean.
    • Sharing a special website to provide information about healthy office practices especially for the cold and flu season.
    • Using low toxicity, EPA-approved chemicals that kill cold and flu viruses. We are also using healthy cleaning practices that include HEPA filter vacuums and microfiber cloths.


    Moore CleanThe sad fact is that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that as many as 153,000 people were hospitalized and as many as 6,000 have died because of H1N1. Healthcare professionals believe H1N1 cases will continue, with more hospitalizations and deaths to follow.

    While no one can completely stop cold and flu, healthy office practices can go a long way to reducing the risk. You can let your customers know you are taking steps to help keep them healthy by displaying this seal in your office. We will gladly provide you with this seal to display in your office upon request.

    To receive your Moore-Clean Seal of Assurance to display in your office, please give us a call at 215-348-2333, or email us, You can also go to to review the CDC guidelines for healthy office practices.


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    Moore-Clean Seal of Assurance Gives Customers
    Confidence during Cold and Flu Season


    This cold and flu season, customers of local businesses can feel better about their visits if they see the “Moore-Clean Seal of Assurance” displayed at the entrance. The seal lets visitors know that the office they are visiting has been cleaned using low toxicity chemicals certified by the Environmental Protection Agency that are effective in killing cold and flu viruses. Businesses displaying the “Moore-Clean Seal of assurance have also received the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines on healthy practices that can help prevent the H1N1 flu.

    “We hope that every business uses healthy cleaning practices all the time, not just during cold and flu season,” says Jane Moore, owner of Moore Cleaning. “But how do we know if the business is cleaned with the customer’s health in mind? We created the Moore-Clean Seal of Assurance so customers can know.”

    Moore-Clean offices are cleaned with EPA-approved cleaning solutions, high filtration (4-level plus a HEPA filter) vacuum cleaners and special micro fiber cloths designed to trap and remove dust, allergens and bacteria. Moore Cleaning also provides free hand sanitizer dispensers for clients’ offices to help promote healthy practices on a daily basis.


    - more -

    “Of course, no one can cure the common cold or stop the flu completely. However, we believe that by following healthy practices outlined by the CDC and using cleaning solutions approved by the EPA you can reduce the risk of sickness in the office,” Moore says.


    To review the CDC guidelines pertaining to H1N1, see the Moore-Clean Seal of Assurance, or get additional information on healthy office cleaning, please go to, or contact Jane Moore, 215-348-2333.


    Moore Cleaning, LLC, based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, is a premier cleaning service focused exclusively on commercial cleaning for businesses and healthcare practices. A 100-percent woman-owned business, Moore Cleaning employs more than 20 people in Bucks and Montgomery Counties and is a member of the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce.


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    Moore Cleaning

    Getting Your Business ‘Moore Clean’

    By April DeGideo


    At the end of most workdays, people leave their offices only to return the next morning oblivious to the extensive, meticulous cleaning sessions that occurred in their absence. But that’s typically not the case for clients of Moore Cleaning, where the dedicated staff aims to add a signature touch to their regular services.


    “I think we do it much more personally than other companies,” says owner Jane Moore, who launched the company in 1989. “We strive to develop a rapport with our customers.”


    Once a small family-run business, Moore Cleaning now bills itself as the premier commercial cleaning service in Doylestown. Company employees clean corporate offices, restaurants, small businesses, medical facilities, financial institutions and post-construction sites, ranging from 500 to 25,000 square feet throughout Bucks and Montgomery counties.

    Already a seasoned professional when she started the business 21 years ago, Moore knew instinctively what it took to please customers: understanding their specific needs and exceeding their expectations. Each office is assigned its own team of one or two cleaners charged with performing a full slate of tasks, including washing and mopping floors, sanitizing bathrooms, dusting desks and file cabinets, cleaning mini blinds, removing cobwebs and scouring kitchen areas, sinks and countertops.


    And while Moore offers a wide range of services, she also ensures her staff meets her high standards. She thoroughly screens potential employees, most of who hail from local areas, boast college degrees and clean part-time as a way to supplement their incomes. To guarantee they’re meeting company guidelines, management visits and inspects client sites regularly.


    And even though professional cleaning services might seem self-explanatory on the surface, Moore Cleaning offers more than just the requisite duties. During cold and flu season, employees step up their usual efforts. If clients agree, Moore’s staff employs the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-approved low-toxicity chemicals to fight cold and flu viruses’ ­­­– including the H1N1 – and kill harmful bacteria.


    In addition, cleaners come equipped with state-of-the-art tools to purify the air in clients’ offices. Vacuums boast a four-level filtration system to keep the air free of dust and other detritus while micro fiber rags remove dust, allergens and bacteria.


    “We wipe down all the doorknobs and trim with disinfectant and use alcohol wipes on telephones and keyboards,” says Moore.  “We take special care with all the places that people touch, especially if offices say people are sick. We also vacuum fabric furniture monthly to cut down on dust.”


    During the warmer months, Moore’s staffers offer an extra service: an extensive spring cleaning. For an extra fee, floors are stripped and waxed, carpets are shampooed and windows are scrubbed. “We like everything to look a lot spiffier in the spring,” adds Moore.


    To further protect clients, Moore supplies them a list of “Healthy Office Guidelines,” including helpful tips such as keeping a small hand sanitizer in your pocket or handbag. “It gives people an idea of what they can do between cleanings,” explains Moore.


    Clients may also request that green products be used exclusively within their work environments.  “Everything we do is geared specifically toward what the customer wants,” Moore says. “We suit our cleaning to whatever they want.”

    Prospective clients can call Moore for a free quote or visit the office at 165 South Main Street. Before embarking on any new cleaning project, Moore Cleaning first visits the space and determines what the client wants from its daily or weekly cleaning team.

    That means that no request is too extravagant or too minute for the expertly trained staffers of Moore Cleaning. “We work very closely with our customers to give them exactly what they need,” says Moore.


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